About Us

Storrington Quilters began in September 2008 to encourage the enjoyment and fun of quilting; sharing knowledge with each other; helping those needing advice and guidance in the piecing and sewing of quilts; and generally immersing ourselves in the wonderful world of quilting and fabrics over a cup of tea or coffee. 

We are a group of chatty and fun ladies who love stretching their knowledge about quilting.  We have regular quilting events, go to shows together, take classes together and have outstanding teachers visit to take us all up a level!

  We meet every Wednesday morning from 10 am to 12.30 pm - with a break at Christmas.


New Members Welcome

We welcome new members.  We are a mixture of beginners, improvers and experienced sewers and quilters.  Some are hand sewers, others swear by their sewing machines!  We like all members to be comfortable with sewing and recommend beginners take on small projects to introduce patchwork and quilting concepts, moving on to larger items after a period of learning.  Classes and workshops are available from Ann Till, tutor and organizer of the group, to help people get up to speed quickly in patchworking and quilting.

Visit her blog on www.southdownsquilter.wordpress.com



Try Us Out

Long term we provide an exciting, dynamic environment for quilting, introducing techniques, workshops, tools, art forms and challenges to our members at all levels.  Members usually work on their own projects, but we have regular group projects as well as monthly projects and always love trying something new!.  We join together for trips to events and quilting venues and invite speakers and teachersto stimulate and inform.  We have regular sales to raise funds and have raised well over £1000 in the last few years for charity.

Try us out and see what you think – meeting weekly, throughout the year, we are a happy bunch of women (and would welcome men as well!) who love to stitch and chat